One of the worst nightmares of having long, thick and curly hair is having rats nest hair experience. It’s always a disaster when those beautiful long hair turns into a web of weirdly interconnected hairs or even worse - giant fizzy ball.


And so, every shower time is coupled with extra hours of continuous combing just to get those really bad tangles out of the hair. Even though it may seem the hairs are so much in love with each other and would rather keep getting tangled up.

Well, so much for the love of hair!

But when you’re back facing the mirror the next day and the day after, still combing and trying to get the tangles out of your hair without pain, it becomes an annoying ‘work-out routine’

At some point, it feels like the only way out of such torture is to cut the hair short and start all over.

... Here’s something you don’t know

Having those giant fizz balls is just normal. Rats nest hair and tangles don’t just happen when the hair is not properly taken care of. Keep reading as I show you how to deal with rats nest hair easily.

Some stuff you should know.

Why does fine hair tangle so easily?

Having long and beautiful hair is such a big deal and so its no secret that maintaining it entails good care.  You’ll agree with me that the most frustrating thing about having one is constantly dealing with tangles and knots.

In the real sense, there’s not just one reason why fine and long hair get tangled. Hair tangles and knots could be a result of Hair texture, how often you brush them, exposure to wind and couple other.

Below are popular reasons why hair gets tangled easily

1. Rough hair texture and Split ends
2. You don’t brush your hair regularly or properly.
3. You leave your hair wet for too long.
4. Your hair is curly and thick
5. Your hair gets too dry.

If you have long hair or hair extension, having tangles is not really a choice. While there are different hair types, some are more prone to tangle than others. So whether you like it or not, your hair will somehow find a way to roll around each other.

However, you shouldn’t let your hair be the boss over you. There are some things you can do reduce tangling and the damages that come with it.

How to minimise rats nest hair or tangles.

1. Brush and comb your hair frequently


It’s not good practice to let your hair down all day (especially in the wind) without brushing it. If your hair is prone to tangling, brush it frequently.

Like how frequently should I brush my Hair?

Minimum of 3 times a day using a soft brush is just enough to reduce tangles.

2. Protect your hair at night


I could give you 101 reasons why you should protect your hair, but there is just one reason why you should protect it at night – tangles, knots, rats nest hair experience. Yeah Yeah! I know said one.

So, unless you have a hair detangling fairly godmother, you have nothing to worry about going to bed with your hair wet and unprotected.

3. Avoid complicated hairstyles


When next you’re at the saloon, this should help you make better hairstyle choice. Unlike complicated hairstyle, simple ones are less prone to tangle and can easily be managed. There are tones of cool hairstyle that aren’t so complicated.

Hairstyles like cornrow and braids can minimize rats nest hair, tangles and knots.

4. The kind of comb you use matters


All combs are not the same, so watch the kind of comb you use. There are varieties of combs that can make detangling of hair easier and faster. A wrong comb could tighten the tangle and cause you more pain.

5. Do not do THIS!

(More on 'THIS' later)... Keep reading.

How to get really bad tangles out of hair

Different individuals have their preference when it comes to getting really bad tangles out of hair. One may be painful while another may hurt less.

However, we’ve gathered the best methods from around the world. The best part is they work! So how do you get really bad tangles out of your hair?

Method #1: For dry hair

1. Find the tangles

The first step to get tangles out of your hair is to locate them. You can do this by working your fingers through your hair.

2. Select a detangling instrument

Depending on the kind of hair you have, your fingers, a wide-tooth comb, or a paddle brush can either be used when dry detangling your hair.

In the case of a long loose curls, use a paddle brush because it has been known to work well. While wide-toothed comb works best on thin or tightly curled hair.

4. Work your way between the hairs

With the aid of your preferred detangling instrument, separate tangles one after another. If possible, pull the knot area from the rest of your hair.

To speed up time I’d suggest you use a mirror when locating the tangles and when working your way between the hairs.When you begin untangling

  1. Start with a small amount of hair
  2. While you run your fingers through, begin near the bottom
  3. Use gentle pressure
  4. When you discover a knot, run your thumbnail gently over it as you keep going.

5. Apply detangling spray, oil or conditioners

There’s no better way to get rid of bad tangles and rats net hair than using conditioners. Whether it’s a minor snarl or a massive rats nest, warm olive oil, hand lotion, or any special detanglers should work just fine.

After applying, comb the conditioner through with a wide-toothed comb. You should go for one of those tangle teaser brushes - they get through hairs quiet okay.These products are available at beauty supply stores.

Method #2: For Wet Hair

Some people have hairs that cannot be completely detangled when dry. And as such, detangling when wet is the next option.

1. Get your Hair Wet

It’s always important to detangle hair before applying conditioners. So if you choose to detangle your hair using this method, you can either deep in a bowl of water or get into the shower.

2. Wash with shampoo

3. Use conditioners

4. Don't do THIS

Remember when I earlier said you shouldn't do this? Okay, here's it. Don't leave your hair wet for too long.Once you're done treating with shampoo and conditioner, it's important you dry with a towel.

The Last Resort

At times, rats nest hair, tangles and knots could be very stubborn to deal with. If yours is so bad and you're tired of constantly dealing with it, you could choose to cut your hair short and start all over.

... is it advisable?

Well, if you've been religious at taking care of your hair, it shouldn't have gotten to this point. So, the choice of starting all over totally depends on you.

Ever had hair tangles, knots or rats nest hair experience. Which of these worked for you and how were you able to deal with it successfully? Let us know in the comments below.